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London, Wednesday 29th January 2020

Seafloatech and Perfect Moorings sign a Commercial Cooperation Agreement

Seafloatech and Perfect Moorings sign a commercial cooperation agreement for the promotion of marine floating modules and the development of projects in France and Italy.

Seafloatech Pod®

Seafloatech and Perfect Moorings share the same philosophy and the same values: preserving the seabeds, respecting ecosystems and a 360° vision of the evolutions of practices in the maritime sector, which must combine both eco-responsibility and taking into account the needs of boaters.    

Since it was founded, PERFECT MOORINGS has been working for the development of environmentally friendly mooring solutions, which makes it only natural that they have decided to add the systems and products of SEAFLOATECH into the technical offers available to their clients.

Seafloatech Beach Delta by Chauvet
Seafloatech Beach R by Metropolis
Seafloatech Beach S by Metropolis

According to Lionel Pean, President of Seafloatech: "SEAFLOATECH, developer of innovative solutions designed to accompany the change in coastal uses while respecting the challenges of ecology, safety and the need to rationalise marine spaces, has naturally approached PERFECT MOORINGS to complete their offer in these new markets.

Their commercial competence makes them an essential partner and an asset in the structure of our commercial network."

In addition, Perfect Moorings has stated: "We are convinced that the SEAFLOATECH PODS ® (anchorage system) and surface modules will permit to offer quality and innovative alternatives for multiples usages (mooring of boats, leisure surface modules/platforms)."

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About Seafloatech:
High skilled doctors, marine engineers, designers or experts from the maritime world, the Seafloatech teams sail, ply the oceans and are passionate about finding the right product for their customers' needs. They have designed, tested and perfected Seafloatech Pod® (bottom / float interface) systems with very low ecological footprint and reversible, as surface modules, offering their users exceptional safety and comfort.

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